Surgical Procedures

Our well equipped surgery room allows us to perform a wide array of surgeries, both orthopedic and soft tissue.  Patients are anesthetized in a fully padded suite and lifted onto a table where the procedure can be performed in a safe and sterile fashion.  Either gas or injectable anesthesia is available depending on the procedure performed. An assistant monitors the vitals and administers any fluids or medications directed by the doctor during the procedure.

During recovery they are continually monitored on a camera to assure they get back on their feet safely.  Once recovered they are moved to a stall for further observation.

Horses are prone to injuries due to their confinement and the social order that they establish among themselves. Many of these wounds are treated with the animal under standing sedation and local anesthesia. The decision to suture the wound will depend greatly on the location, age, severity and level of contamination of the wound.

This was a wound that was clean and easy to close, though large

Some wounds are best repaired in the surgery room, especially if highly contaminated.  We find wounds heal best when they are completely decontaminated.  Aiding us in this, is a piece of equipment called a Versajet. This is a machine that removes debris or proud flesh with a high speed jet of sterile saline.  It is much more precise in removing only unhealthy tissue and debris while leaving the healthy tissue.  We have had excellent results since we began using it.

These pictures demonstrate how some unhealthy granulation tissue, in an older wound, can be removed while preserving healthy tissue

The range of surgeries provided include routine castrations and ovariectomies (spays), orthopedic procedures, mass removals, wound care, hernias, ocular and oral surgeries.  The size of our staff currently limits our ability to do colic surgery or arthroscopy so we have established a solid relationship with a referral center where these procedures can be performed.