Reproductive Services

Considering breeding that mare to preserve your genetics or produce that next world beater? We can help!

Whether your needs are to have your mare artificially inseminated with cooled shipped or frozen semen, perform an embryo transfer, evaluate for infertility or have a stallion managed, our staff is there to help insure your success.



Artificial Insemination with Cooled or Frozen Shipped Semen

The most frequent request we have is to breed mares artificially with either cooled shipped or frozen semen from stallions around the country.  The mares usually spend about a week at the clinic, while in heat, so that their cycles can be monitored regularly and the breedings timed for optimal pregnancy rates.  We prefer to make all calls for semen to eliminate any confusion in the process.  Mares are housed in a comfortable shed row with padded stalls and dividers that keep foals safe from adjacent mares.

Embryo Transfer

Our embryo transfer program has been very successful.  Dr Taylor has a recovery rate of 71% across all mares and has flushed 76 mares to date.  If the older sub-fertile mares (unsuccessfully bred for two years or longer) are removed from the data then Dr Taylor has an outstanding recovery rate of 90% on healthy mares.  Contact us to see if this is a service that may help you meet your goals.


Stallion Management

Stallion services that we provide include:  fertility evaluations, collection and shipping within the United States or Canada, and testing of stallions to determine the optimum way to manage them.  With a full reproductive lab in house we can accurately determine the best way to manage your stallions and determine how to best ship him.  We also occasionally stand stallions at the clinic.