Emergency and Preventive Medicine

The most stressful time for an owner is when there is an emergency with their horse.  Our staff is trained to recognize when a situation is an emergency and take steps to get our clients assistance as quickly as possible.  

Emergency Care

With many of the practices in the area supported by only one doctor, we have formed an alliance with the other clinics in the area to cover emergency work.  This assures that there is always a doctor available for any emergency.  Often issues that persist longer than the night will be transferred to the regular attending veterinarian the following day.  The regular clinic phone number will direct you to the doctor receiving calls that week.

Preventive Medicine

Preventative care is the most economical and important thing that you can do for your horse. With interstate travel so common and international travel becoming more routine, we are faced with increasingly higher exposures to many diseases.  Many of these can be prevented with proper vaccinations and simple precautions when away from home.  We make recommendations based on the risk in the area, age of horse, time of year and also consider the individual circumstances.

Often latent issues surface when horses are brought in for their annual vaccinations that can be addressed prior to becoming serious conditions.  Annual check ups are also the time to evaluate the teeth of the horse and determine the need for dental work as well as discuss the deworming recommendations for the year.