Lameness Exams

At Aspen Grove Veterinary Clinic we provide full service lameness exams and therapies to get our patients comfortable and back to performing as quickly as possible. To accomplish this we have installed a working arena and a flat pad for trotting horses during gait evaluation. This allows us to evaluate your horse on a controlled surface with safe footing and at multiple gaits.

Computerized Radiography

Routine maintenance in most performance horses is required to keep them performing at their full potential. A long standing standard of care includes the use if intra-articular corticosteroids.

The addition of computerized radiography in 2007 enhanced our ability to quickly identify early changes in bone structure.  This system allows us to change contrast and magnify the image to find even subtle changes.  It also makes it convenient to send radiographs off for second opinions or to owners following prepurchase exams. Our state of the art CR machine allows us to capture all of the information without multiple shots due to our ability to manipulate the image on the computer.

We feel that a correct diagnosis is critical in any lameness.  What determines the outcome is the response to the therapy prescribed and followed.  This outcome requires commitment from the veterinarian, client and often a qualified farrier.

Many clients are searching for therapies less dependent on conventional medications. In response to this, we have recently added some new services that compliment but do not replace therapies such as joint injections, anti-inflammatories and rest. These include a cold laser system that aids in pain reduction and improved healing. We use this in combination with a Game Ready system that utilizes cold therapy and intermittent massage to remove pain and swelling.


Game Ready System

Cold Laser Therapy

In a market saturated with supplements promoting joint care it can be difficult finding a product that actually provides benefit without harm or risk of serious interactions with other products.  We have searched through the years to find the best products available in both efficacy and safety.  Platinum Performance provides an excellent line in most cases.  Their joint therapies have consistently provided good results in our patients.They can be purchased through the clinic or online through their direct dispense program through the following link.