Dental Procedures

Recognizing equine dental care as a vital service for both the health and comfort of his patients, Dr Taylor has invested a large amount of time and money advancing this service to meet the needs of his clients. We currently offer the following services in dentistry,

  1. Routine floating and arcade adjustment
  2. Wolf tooth removal
  3. Periodontal work and restorations
  4. Tooth extractions
  5. Some incisor root canal work

Dr Taylor has attended 4 separate courses dedicated solely to equine dentistry. The most recent course focused on periodontal work and root canals. We now have the equipment to begin offering these services as well. With over 2500 dentals performed since acquiring power equipment, this has become one of the more frequent services provided by Aspen Grove Veterinary Clinic.

Routine Care

Series of photos showing a routine dental with common problems including sharp points, hooks and ulcers in the mouth. This is the same horse immediately before and after the dental was performed.

Before, during and after a Powerfloat on a normal mouth having annual dental care

Dental Problems

Common dental problems include rostral hooks which interfere with the health of the horse and cause discomfort with the bit. Also commonly seen are caudal hooks which impede the jaw movement. The last picture is an example of a mouth that went too many years without care resulting in loss of teeth, these horses are made comfortable and placed on senior feeds to maintain their weight.

Rostral hooks, a large caudal hook (located in the back, left side), and a non-correctable mouth resulting from years of no dental care

We recommend annual dental check ups and routine floating as the best solution to avoid expensive dental care down the road. Due to the fact that horse's teeth continue to grow throughout their lives many of the problems encountered can be corrected over time.