Dental Procedures

Recognizing equine dental care as a vital service for both the health and comfort of his patients, Dr Taylor has invested a large amount of time and money advancing this service to meet the needs of his clients. We currently offer the following services in dentistry,

  1. Routine floating and arcade adjustment
  2. Wolf tooth removal
  3. Periodontal work and restorations
  4. Tooth extractions
  5. Some incisor root canal work
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Lameness Exams

At Aspen Grove Veterinary Clinic we provide full service lameness exams and therapies to get our patients comfortable and back to performing as quickly as possible. To accomplish this we have installed a working arena and a flat pad for trotting horses during gait evaluation. This allows us to evaluate your horse on a controlled surface with safe footing and at multiple gaits.

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Surgical Procedures

Our well equipped surgery room allows us to perform a wide array of surgeries, both orthopedic and soft tissue.  Patients are anesthetized in a fully padded suite and lifted onto a table where the procedure can be performed in a safe and sterile fashion.  Either gas or injectable anesthesia is available depending on the procedure performed. An assistant monitors the vitals and administers any fluids or medications directed by the doctor during the procedure.

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Diagnostic Procedures

As technology changes and improves, our ability to more accurately diagnose also increases.  Aspen Grove reinvests each year into the company to stay current with the advances in the field.  These investments greatly enhance the quality of our care.

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Reproductive Services

Considering breeding that mare to preserve your genetics or produce that next world beater? We can help!

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Emergency and Preventive Medicine

The most stressful time for an owner is when there is an emergency with their horse.  Our staff is trained to recognize when a situation is an emergency and take steps to get our clients assistance as quickly as possible.  

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