Dental Services Expanded

Our dental services have now been expanded to include periodontal work as well as some restorative and endodontic work.

With more options now available, less horses will face extractions or natural tooth loss resulting in longer and healthier lives.

Spring Vaccination Clinic

Our annual spring vaccination clinic runs Feb 15th-March 30th. Take advantage and get 10% off all vaccinations and coggins tests!

New Rehabilitation Services Added

We have recently acquired a new cold laser system to aid in the management of pain and improve healing times in our patients.  This service compliments our current approach as well as provides an alternative to medication.

Emergency Services Expanded

Aspen Grove Veterinary Clinic will now be providing 24/7 emergency care.

Dr. Taylor Serves on AAEP's Student Relations Committee

Dr Taylor accepted an appointment to serve on the AAEP's Student Relations Committee.  He has served on this committee since 2012.

The charge of this committee is to enhance veterinary student interest in equine work.  Recent years have seen a steep decline in graduates interested in large animal medicine, including equine.  Anticipating a shortage in the future, the AAEP is working to draw students interest through education and early involvement with the AAEP prior to graduation.